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Beethoven The Connections Between A Great Artist S Life And Work Are Subtle, Complex, And Often Highly Revealing In The Case Of Beethoven, However, The Standard Approach Has Been To Treat His Life And His Art Separately Now, Barry Cooper S New Volume Incorporates The Latest International Research On Many Aspects Of The Composer S Life And Work And Presents These In A Truly Integrated Narrative Cooper Employs A Strictly Chronological Approach That Enables Each Work To Be Seen Against The Musical And Biographical Background From Which It Emerged The Result Is A Much Closer Confluence Of Life And Work Than Is Usually Achieved, For Two Reasons First, Composition Was Beethoven S Central Preoccupation For Most Of His Life I Live Entirely In My Music, He Once Wrote Second, Recent Study Of His Many Musical Sketches Has Enabled A Much Clearer Picture Of His Everyday Compositional Activity Than Was Previously Possible, Leading To Rich New Insights Into The Interaction Between His Life And Music This Volume Concentrates On Beethoven S Artistic Achievements Both By Examining The Origins Of His Works And By Expert Commentary On Some Of Their Most Striking And Original Features It Also Reexamines Virtually All The Evidence From Fictitious Anecdotes Right Down To The Translations Of Individual German Words To Avoid Recycling Old Errors And It Offers Numerous New Details Derived From Sketch Studies And A New Edition Of Beethoven S Correspondence Offering A Wealth Of Fresh Conclusions And Intertwining Life And Work In Illuminating Ways, Beethoven Will Establish Itself As The Reference On One Of The World S Greatest Composers.