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The Gnostic Religion The Gnostic Religion Was The 1st Decent Introduction To Gnosticism For The Modern World Is Still Of Value Today It Includes Both Heresiological Original Texts Nag Hammadi Only Uncovered Later It Holds Useful Material On Simon Magus, The Hermetic Poimandres Shown Here To Be Equally A Gnostic Document , The Valentinians, Mandaeans, Manichaeans The Hymn Of The Pearl The Existentialist Bent Jonas A Student Of Martin Heidegger Makes An Interesting Contrast To Pagel S Orthodox View Of Gnostic Religion As Theistic This Volume The Nag Hammadi Library Will Provide Good Coverage Of The Diverse Teachings Of Gnostic Related Movements.Introduction East West In Hellenism The Meaning Of Gnosis The Extent Of The Gnostic MovementGnostic Imagery Symbolic Language Simon Magus The Hymn Of The Pearl The Angels That Made The World The Gospel Of MarcionThe Poimandres Of Hermes Trismegistus The Valentinian Speculation Creation, World History Salvation According To ManiThe Cosmos In Greek Gnostic Evaluation Virtue The Soul In Greek Gnostic Teaching The Recent Discoveries In The Field Of Gnosticism Epilogue Gnosticism, Nihilism Existentialism