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The DAN Guide to Dive Medical Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) In Order To Better Serve All Recreational Divers, DAN Divers Alert Network Has Put Together The Most Commonly Asked Questions In One Compact, Portable Source Along With Frequently Requested Articles From Alert Diver, This Reference Source Offers Than 100 Informative Answers For Divers, Instructors And Non Diving Trained Physicians To The Top Dive Medical Inquiries DAN Receives This Divers Resource Is Important To Divers And Diving Because The Education Process Does Not Stop With A Certification Card It Is Just The Beginning This Book Addresses The Questions New Divers Often Have About Fitness And Dive Safety And Gives Experienced Divers Detailed Information About Specific Dive Related Health And Safety Information For Instructors It Is A Quick Reference Guide For The Many Medical Questions Students Have During Their First Classes In Fact, Instructors Are Encouraged To Copy Necessary Pages To Assist Local Physicians In Evaluating Divers, Particularly Physicians Unfamiliar With Dive Medicine A Must Have Book For All Divers.