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The Pink Smoke The Pink Smoke Is A Novel Set In The Backdrop Of Bangalore, India It Traces Siddhant Roy S Journey As He Tries To Adapt Himself Into An Alien World Of Love, Lust, Addictions And Unnerving Degrees Of Friendship He Gets Guided By Two Contrasting Elements Saahil, The Perpetually High Philosopher And Ashish, The Sane And Balanced Advisor His Ambitions And Desires Duel It Out Inside His Head And His Love For Nikita Fireball Sen Drives Him Over The Edge As He Begins Experimenting With Every Social Norm, Until His World Comes Crashing Down Will He Survive Will He Make It Through College Or End Up Picking Up The Broken Pieces Of His Soul In The Sunbathed Streets Of Bangalore Read The Book, To Find Out The Story Has Been Placed Amidst Varying Shades Of Emotions, Questions The Authenticity Of Every Feeling That Is Akin To Love.