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The Guardian Angels The Guardian Angels Is The Epic And Tumultuous Story Of Two Star Crossed Lovers Who Weren T Just Soul Mates But Were Also Each Other S Protectors.The Fates Of Adi Mehta And Radha Deodhar Are Deeply Entwined When Within Days Of Their First Rendezvous They Save Each Other S Lives.Despite Their Vast Sociopolitical Differences, They Are Drawn To An Uncertain Future Fraught With Contrasting Ambitions, Personas And Ideologies He Is The Son Of A Billionaire, She Is The Daughter Of A Socialist He Is Quiet And Unassuming, She Is A Firebrand And Spirited.However, The Unexplained Phenomena Ties Them Forever Whenever They Are In Peril, They Are Each Other S Only Saviors.Over The Following Two Decades Adi And Radha Live Through Hope And Despair, Joy And Sadness, And Try To Decipher Their Relationship As The Truth Of Their Bond Is Revealed, They Must Confront The True Nature Of Love, And Ultimately, Their Destinies.