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The Nightlife Series Omnibus The Nightlife Series Is Violent, Sexy, And Occasionally Violently Sexy Vampires, Strippers, Escorts, Night Clubs, Pimps Dirty Cops The Nightlife Series Is Never Boring.Can Decadence, Corruption And Prostitution Go Hand In Hand With Self Control Over Indulgence, Illegal Activity And Vampires Lurk In Darkness When Night Falls On The City.The Nightlife Series Explores The Sexy, Dangerous Misadventures Of Vampires And An Interesting Assortment Of Wickedly Corrupt Men And Women Of The Night Gangs, Pimps, Prostitutes, Cartel, Mafia, Drug Dealers, Addicts, Alcoholics, All Those Wonderfully Colorful People You Find Rubbing Elbows In The Back Alleys, Night Clubs, And Strip Joints.These Creatures Inhabit A World Of Constant Blood, Sex, And Arousal The Act Of Feeding Is Highly Erotic, Victims Often Experience Multiple Orgasms A Vampire S Bite Is The Most Powerful Drug Imaginable, Ecstasy, Euphoria, And An Ever Present Potential For Addiction Lethally Violent Predators, They Can Cut Through Flesh Like A Hot Knife Through Butter They Slip Through The Nightlife Quietly, Unobtrusively, Until Cornered Then It Gets Ugly, People Die.The Nightlife Series Includes THE NIGHTLIFE NEW YORK THE NIGHTLIFE LAS VEGAS THE NIGHTLIFE PARIS BLOOD SLAVEThese Wicked, Pulse Pounding Novels Drag Readers Breathless Through One Cataclysmic Event After Another.bite Into Your Copy Today