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Rise of the Blood (Latter-Day Olympians, #3) Weddings Can Be War.Latter Day Olympians, Book 3Great Tori Karacis S Face Is On The Front Of Yet Another Tabloid News Paper, Linked To Hollywood Hottie Apollo Demas It Was ONE Dinner, And She Was Pissed With Him At The Time But That S The Least Of Her Worries Just Before Leaving For Her Cousin S Destination Wedding In Delphi, She Learns That Her Arch Nemeses, Zeus And Poseidon, Have Escaped Police Custody.Despite Looking Forward To Seeing Detective Nick Armani In A Tux, Her Bad Pre Flight Jitters Are Confirmed When Apollo, With His Sexy New Co Star On His Arm, Boards The Same Plane A Plane That A Freak Storm Nearly Tears Out Of The Sky.What Awaits Them Atop Mount Parnassus Is Even Deadly A Prophecy, A Kidnapping, And A Bloodletting That Stirs Up The Mother Of All Trouble Literally Rhea Is Awakened, And She S None Too Happy With Her Offspring For Losing Their Usurped Dominion Over The Earth.The Olympians Have Fallen It S Time For The Titans To Rise Again Which Means It Ll Be A Bad Day For Anyone Standing In Their Way Product WarningsBloodbath Or Blissful Union Either Way, The Stakes Are High In This Destination Delphi Wedding High Atop The Peaks Of Mount Parnassus Passions Will Flare, Titans Will Rise, Monsters Will Awake, Blood Will Boil And Some Will Spill.