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Forever Beth Lost and Found Set Within The Boroughs Of New York City, 12 Year Veteran Of The NYPD, Detective Kevin Walker Is Faced With The Daunting Task Of Solving The Murder Of A Mother And Her Six Year Old Daughter Investigating As He Has Many Times Before, Detective Walker Finds This Particular Case Disheartening To Solve Compared To All Past Cases He Has Investigated Beth Morris, A Domestic Violence Case Worker For The Past Seven Years Finds Herself In A Place Of Loss Once Again Two Of The Most Important People In Her Life Are Brutally Murdered The Two Same People Who Helped Her Understand What Unconditional Love Is, How To Give Love And Importantly How To Accept Being Loved Their Murder, Their Loss Unearths Beth S Past Filled With Abuse, Rejection And A Wish For Death Meeting Detective Walker When Her Life Was Crumbling, Beth Found Refuge In His Need To Protect Initially Assuming His Protectiveness Was Routine, Beth Realizes He Too Has A Past Filled With Tragedy And The Lack Of Maternal Love Kevin And Beth Are Two Souls Drawn Together Assumed By Murder But Realistically By Love Loss And Painful Pasts.