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When You Loved Me WARNING If You Don T Want To Have The Plot S Curve Balls And Twists And Turns Ruined For You, Please DO NOT Read The SPOILERS No Matter How Tempting It May Be That People List In Their Reviews The Experience, Thrills, And Heartbreaking Moments Of The Story Will Be Totally Ruined For You, If You Do Just A WarningUnconditional Love Is A Very Rare Thing, But The Few Who Live It, Know What True Love Is.Songwriter Brooke Davenport S Fianc Has Left Her For Another Woman She S Devastated, But This Is Not The First Time A Man She S Loved Has Broken Her Heart.Tristan Jameson, Her Brother S Best Friend, Crushed Her Dreams On The Seventeenth Summer Of Her Life When He Disappeared Without So Much As A Phone Call Or Note To Her, Or Her Brother What Could Ve Happened That He Left In Such Haste Especially After Finally Winning Him Over To Confess His Love For Her Now He S Back In Town And Brooke Wants An Explanation Will She Be Able To Forgive Him After Having Been Jilted Twice By The Two Men She Trusted Her Heart To, Will She Ever Give Her Trust And Love To A Man Ever Again Much Less To One Who Hurt Her Once Before As Brooke And Tristan Record Her Duet Song Together, Memories Flood Her Mind And Sensual Desires Surge Through Her Body For The Man Who She Had A Crush On Since He Was A Boy Her First Love The One No Girl Ever Forgets.Get Ready For A Roller Coaster Ride With Curve Balls And Twists And Turns As Mystery And Suspense Come Into Play In This Endearing Story Of True Love And Romance No Cliffhanger HEA Ending Word Count Approx 73,700