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The Whaler Fortune A Riveting Tale Of Plague, Shipwreck, Murder, And Deliverance For All Readers Of Edge Of Your Seat Suspense Thrillers The Whaler Fortune Is Sure To Keep You Wide Awake At Night In Sweat Soaked Sheets Until The Very End WATCH THE BOOK SYNOPSIS TRAILER ON YOUTUBE On A Cold April In 1786, Joseph Kisses His Widowed Mother Goodbye In Impoverished St Giles District Of London, England He Is A Good, Hard Working Man And Loves Her, But Everything In Life Has Not Been Fair Pressed By Want And Years Spent In The Run Down And Polluted Parts Of The City, He Steps Aboard The Fortune, A British Whale Ship Bound For The Pacific Ocean, In Hopes Of A Better Life As Fortuna, The Goddess Of The Figurehead Would Have It, Not Only The Natural Perils Would Enter The Square Rigged Barque With Him On The Greenland Dock That Day One Man, Who Escapes The City Unpunished For His Violent Executions And Another Who Brings A Deadly Disease Hidden Beneath His Clothes Is Also Counted In The Register As Whales Are Killed And Their Precious Oil Is Boiled Out In The Months That Follow, Joseph And His Fellow Crewmen Unknowingly Become Desperately Entangled In A Disaster Of Inescapable Death Every Man Becomes Subjected To Ghastly Torments As They Struggle To Stay Alive Upon The Rugged Decks Of The Cursed Ship Being Busy With The Duty To Harvest The Great Beasts Have Made Them Consequently Too Late Plague, Shipwreck, And Plotted Murder Of Any Survivors Is On A Fatal Collision Course With Joseph And There Is Nowhere For Him To Run Or Hide The Whaler Fortune Is A Riveting Tale Of Anticipated Deliverance The Spiritual Story Of One Man S Faith, Tried In The Heated Fires Of Desperation, Hopelessness, Unraveled Reasoning, And Absolute Terror.