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Tantric Ecstasy: The Way of Sacred Sexuality Tantra The Great School Of Sexual Intercourse Provides Ecstatic Exchanges Of Erotic Energy That Can Last For Hours These Illustrated Techniques And Positions Demonstrate A Variety Of Approaches To Intercourse, Based On Special Yoga Exercises That Help You Prepare For Great Sex Through Relaxation, Breathing, And Meditation The Tantric Erotic Rituals That Enhance A Romantic Encounter Range From Personal Body Care Such As Exercise And Nutrition To Partner Games, Including Erotic Bathing, Dance, And Massage Turn Any Room Into A Sensual Pleasure Dome Using Special Lighting, Fragrances, Oils, Fabrics, Aphrodisiacs, And Furnishings, All Designed To Prolong The Erotic Atmosphere Leave Everyday Life Behind, Including Inhibition, Fear, And Anxiety, As You Learn To Live All Of Life As An Erotic Experience.